How to raise capital through Argeld

To raise capital, an application must be submitted by email or through the platform. The application khould be submitted together with as detailed as possible description of the project, as well as information on collateral. We will then contact you directly and specify the need for additional data. If we consider that financing is likely then we will certainly meet. In most cases, we try to provide an indicative offer for the financing terms after the initial analysis. As a general rule, we are looking for projects with a funded amount starting from € 250,000 and collateral with a clear value. The value of collateral is assessed by independent real estate appraisers. If Argeld's analysis of the project and an independent assessment of the collateral give a positive result, a loan agreement with the Borrower will be concluded, collateral will be established and the loan amount will be issued after the provision of the collateral. As a general rule, we assign various contractual obligations to the borrower that apply after the loan is disbursed. For example, in the context of development, compliance with the construction budget or after completion of the project, a certain amount of surface or units must be realized over the period of time. We also prefer projects where the builder's performance is guaranteed by a separate guarantee and the contract has a fixed price and maturity. For cash flow projects, we are very flexible in structuring, but we want to clearly agree on the use of periodical overdue funds.


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